Thursday, January 26, 2006

That was redonkulous

If I am going to continue bumping into Stephanie everytime I go somewhere, I think I'm going to shoot someone...if it wasn't bad enough that she sat about 20 feet away from me without knowing I was there, but she eventually came over to our table to take the spare chair at our table...oh well, it just led to a night of jokes on her and on me.

Looking forward my sister's 21st birthday on Saturday...not real sure where we are headed, but the general concensus seems to be somewhere long as she has fun, everything will be alright...I'd also like to send a happy birthday to a former roommate of mine, Jon Bentley...I can't believe it's been two years since room 9 had the weeklong celebration of the two tenents turning 21 within days of each other.

The preliminary outlook on the tax return has a refund around $ one seems to believe me, but when I'm high rollin' in a few weeks, don't come looking for the handouts...I need to put some (read as: all) away so I can take my vacations this year...yes, I said vacations...when your time as an indentured servent reaches five years, Lowe's rewards you with a third week of "freedom."

Your daughter may be worth a million dollars to you, but to me, she's worthless. And don't forget, you can't hug your kids with nucular arms

Monday, January 23, 2006

What a weekend

It all started Friday at the party. Then I only worked half a day of work on Saturday. Sunday ended up being very anticlimactic due do the lackluster football games. Hopefully the SuperBowl won't be as dull. Smitty's new site looks pretty good. I have to say that I am very impressed. My site will never match up to what his is because I have to use a template and he does whatever the hell he wants to do with his site. Just as long as he knows that I jealous. Quid pro quo is a fun game to play in the wee hours of the morning.

I have had something eating away at me for the past few days and I don't know what to do about it. It really has been bothering me. I haven't been able to sleep I because I can't stop thinking about it. I am afraid to talk to anyone about it because I don't want anyone to think of me any different. Here it is now, 4 hours before I have to be up for work. I tried to lay down in bed over an hour ago, but that didn't work. NyQuil isn't working like it worked last night. 15 minutes after taking two of the little green pills last night and I was out. I took them tonight about 45 minutes ago. This thing must be deeper then I thought. Bleeding from my hand isn't helping any either. Hopefully this will all be figured out within the next week so I can enjoy my birthday, but we'll see.

One last thing: Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Holla at a playa?

Im gonna make this one short, but I have two important things.
1. I have sold out and now have advertisments on my page. If you would like me to make a little cash on the side, help a brother out and click on one every now and then. Thanks.
2. I am looking to purchase a fewe books in the next few weeks. If you have any suggestions feel free to throw them my way.

I'm not going to recap the party because you really had to be there. Some few notes though: someone busted on me for the shirt that I was wearing and referenced it to the "Friends" episode when Ross played rugby. If you dont understand, you have to see that episode...some black guy was wearing a shirt that said "shut up honkey" which prompted Smitty to make a note to purchase a shirt that said "arrest black babies before they grow up to be criminals" when we got home...lastly I didnt not take a girl home with me, nor did I even come away with a single phone number, but im not worried about that so no loss there.

Speaking of losses, I'm gonna end this with the good news that I have dropped my weight down (yes, down) to 280. New goal for me has been set by Smitty at 265.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Busy times ahead

I've come to see that the luck in my life flows like the tides in the ocean. My highs and lows may not be as frequent as oceanic tides, but they do seem to have the same range. Right now it seems that I am on the way up, but I cant tell until i accually get there.

Work is becoming very redundent and mundane. I never thought I would dread work because its boring and not because its work. They are on a hiring freeze until the end of the fiscal year (Feb 3) so all of the managers can make their bonus for keeping payroll numbers under a certain benchmark. Funny thing is that I spoke with one of the assistant store managers and she said that all of the assistant managers and the store manager were writen up by the district manager for the store operating like crap, and they will be writen up again if its not fixed by wednesday. I dont see them getting it fixed by then. Oh well, maybe what the store needs is a shake up at the top to possibly change the direction of the store (and I said I didnt want to turn this page into a place to rant about work)

Two big parties going on this weekend. Not sure if I will attend the second one because it was planned by a girl and she didnt think not to plan the thing the same time as a playoff football game. But I am highly looking forward to the shindig tonight. I will let my presence be seen and felt at this one. And Smitty will be popping his sorority party cherry. I have brought him along to other "frat" parties, but I think he is going to enjoy this one.

And lastly, the countdown reads "10 days" until the big TWO THREE.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Being Poor Sucks

One of these day I'm going be the high roller everyone thinks that I am. But until then it's PB&J and cereal until payday. The games today didn't really live up to the hype that I was giving them. After running some errands this morning (you're welcome, Jenn) and doing my laundry (I don't know if its a good thing to lose a sock but find a black thong size small in its place) Michelle came over with a 12 pack and Shaun, Jenn, Michelle and I watched football all day. And before anyone starts to wonder, I am not attracted to Michelle and I am pretty sure she is not attracted to me. She is just someone I work with who is still getting over a break up with someone who works with us. I am just being a good friend. I have known Michelle for over 2 years and I figured she needed to have a friend for a while.
I love when the weather gets cold like it is getting right now. Wind chill is supposed to drop the temp below freezing. Or as the house of S&S like to call it, "Hittin Weather". Any thing under 55 is concidered "hittin weather." Maybe one of these days we can get some snow, and maybe I could graduate college someday too.
Well maybe tomorrows football games will be alot more entertaining then the two that I had today. Sorry B-Dub that your Skins lost, but if its any consolation I was rooting for them to win. And if you are curious as to the where abouts of the thong, that information is classified.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Don't Call it a comeback...

Well then, since Smitty had to go and update his site, it looks like I am going to have to rebuttle. Although it was nice to see the hyperlinks in the posting, don't count on anything like that here. I am still having him teach me some remedial things before we get into the advanced projects.
I am really looking forward to this weekend and sitting in front of the HDTV and not missing a second of the NFL playoffs, round 2. The only downside to having the weekend off from work is that you have to work the next 6 day ina row before another day off. Which works out fine for me because that is the day of the Conference Championship round of the playoffs.
Speaking of work, I will be going into work today with the plan of speaking to the manager about getting a raise. I will be looking for nothing less then a dollar an hour raise, which seems reasonable because of my "loyalty and knowledge." I will be highly disappointed if that does not happen.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Writer's block really sucks, so here we go. I'm looking forward to beccoming a full time employee at Lowe's, but not as excited as having the weekend of this coming weekend so I can catch all of the football games. I'm also excited about my birthday coming up in less then three weeks. We are still ironing out the details to the location of the party, but its coming. I am taking the rest of my vacation that week.
I have 4 days that I must use up by February 3rd, so I will continue the tradtion of never working on my birthday which will reach a streak of 5 years this time around. Speaking of birthdays, my sister's 21st birthday is only 17 days away. You want to talk about a night of shinanigans. We are still trying to figure out what we are doing that night as well, but the general concensus is leaning towards Cowboys. I haven't been there since the Revelation. Maybe this time around there won't be a conversation that will be sobering to a drunken mind.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bad Times

One of these days my life is going to move along with out any turbulance for a while. But until that time comes I am going to have to keep on chugging along. The past 30 hours have been pretty fun. I went with my family to watch my brother's soccer game, and being the outstanding athlete he is, he gave up no goals again. After the game we all went to dinner where I at too much salad and bread that when my main course arived at the table I wasn't hungry. At dinner I asked my mom if Kev and Eric could spend the night a my apartment. It was fun spending the night hanging out with them.
After my sister came over to pick up Kev and Eric to take them home, me, Smitty and Jenn went to Publix to get some lunch. We ate so much that Smitty wanted to throw the frisbee around and Jenn didnt want to wear what she was wearing to the park so we had to run to her apartment. While there she proceeded to catch up with her roommates, so Smitty and I sat down and watched the begining of the first football game today. Forty-five minutes later Jenn came back out into the living room and was ready to go, but by then Smitty and I were not going anywhere after the game started. Halftime rolls around and that is when we decide to leave Jenn's to come back home to watch the rest of the game. The frisbee idea what ditched when Jenn decided to take FOREVER. All of the games ended the way that I would have liked them to. So needless to say, I have enjoyed the past 30 hours.
On another note, I would like to thank someone for being there for me during these rough past few days. I appreciate everything you have said to me to make me feel better, because it has worked everytime. I love you and I can't wait to repay you for what you have done, and if there is anything you need from me just let me know. Now to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Over 13 hours of football

Yes, I sat at home all day and watched over 13 hours of college football. Don't you just love the bowl season. That has to be some sort of recordIt all started at 11 this morning with UF taking on Iowa and Alabama against Texas Tech. I ended at a quarter til 1. The only time I wasnt watching football was when I made a quick run to the grocery store for some lunch. The only bad thing that came out of today was that I only predicted 3 of the 6 correct. If I would have gotten them all right, I would have won a nice shiny prize.

I finally have a picture from the Peach Bowl. I used the camcorder and I dont have the right cord to hook it up to the computer yet, I'm using a picture taking with Smitty's camera. This picture was taken on the third attempt. This one guy sitting in front of us didnt know how to use a camera (don't ask me why, I guess he was just stupid), so we had to wait for him to leave before we asked the guy sitting next to him to take this one. This is the only picture taken with either me or Smitty. The other ones are of the downtown skyline of Atlanta. How ironic that Smitty wears a shirt that discribed to a "T" that night.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Back From Hot-lanta

Talk about an anti-climatic game for all of the hype it was given. 40-3 the wrong way. People were filing out of the dome half way through the third quarter. Smitty is blaming me for the loss because of the shirt that I bought. When I picked it out, it appeared to be a neutral shirt with a picture on the back commemorating the bowl game. It wasnt until we had entered the stadium when Smitty noticed that the LSU Tiger was mashing a peach all over the Ibis's head. Oh well, you can't win them all.
I never thought anything would be worse then having to sit through all of the Capitol One commercials when I attented the Capitol One Bowl two years ago, but Chic-fil-a decided that they couldn't be out done. Two days later I still have this song about eating chicken stuck in my head. Thanks alot Chic-fil-a, the least you could do is open your resturants on Sundays so I could use the ass-load of coupons I took while at the game.
One major low point of the trip was the service at Hooters. Who would have thought I was would ever get crappy service because I'm white? I'm not saying that I should get superior service compaired to others because I am white. I deserve the same service as everyone else, and vice versa. So after waiting 10 minutes for our drinks, Smitty and I left and went to Friday's which was just as bad. We didn't mind at that point because we were hungery, and didnt have much battery left on the laptop we were using for GPS, and we didnt know how to get back to the hotel from where we were at so we needed as much juice as possible.
The next morning I head down to the first floor for some breakfast. After eating a wonderful spread composed of eggs, potatoes, bacon, and biscuts and gravy I started to head back to the elevator when one of the ladies behind the counter informed me that breakfast was $8.51. If I would have known that I would have to pay that much for breakfast, I dont think I would have eaten then. Oh well.
It's good to be back in O-town, with everything being back to normal. I still feel kind of bad that I had to miss Christmas with my dad's parents because I was in Atlanta. The reason it we so late was because my aunt lives in Mississippi and is still suffering from the effects of Katrina and my dad's parents went to visit her on the 25th. I will make it a point to call them later this week and thank them for the gift and tell them Happy New Year. Speaking of which, Happy New Year to you and yours.