Sunday, January 01, 2006

Back From Hot-lanta

Talk about an anti-climatic game for all of the hype it was given. 40-3 the wrong way. People were filing out of the dome half way through the third quarter. Smitty is blaming me for the loss because of the shirt that I bought. When I picked it out, it appeared to be a neutral shirt with a picture on the back commemorating the bowl game. It wasnt until we had entered the stadium when Smitty noticed that the LSU Tiger was mashing a peach all over the Ibis's head. Oh well, you can't win them all.
I never thought anything would be worse then having to sit through all of the Capitol One commercials when I attented the Capitol One Bowl two years ago, but Chic-fil-a decided that they couldn't be out done. Two days later I still have this song about eating chicken stuck in my head. Thanks alot Chic-fil-a, the least you could do is open your resturants on Sundays so I could use the ass-load of coupons I took while at the game.
One major low point of the trip was the service at Hooters. Who would have thought I was would ever get crappy service because I'm white? I'm not saying that I should get superior service compaired to others because I am white. I deserve the same service as everyone else, and vice versa. So after waiting 10 minutes for our drinks, Smitty and I left and went to Friday's which was just as bad. We didn't mind at that point because we were hungery, and didnt have much battery left on the laptop we were using for GPS, and we didnt know how to get back to the hotel from where we were at so we needed as much juice as possible.
The next morning I head down to the first floor for some breakfast. After eating a wonderful spread composed of eggs, potatoes, bacon, and biscuts and gravy I started to head back to the elevator when one of the ladies behind the counter informed me that breakfast was $8.51. If I would have known that I would have to pay that much for breakfast, I dont think I would have eaten then. Oh well.
It's good to be back in O-town, with everything being back to normal. I still feel kind of bad that I had to miss Christmas with my dad's parents because I was in Atlanta. The reason it we so late was because my aunt lives in Mississippi and is still suffering from the effects of Katrina and my dad's parents went to visit her on the 25th. I will make it a point to call them later this week and thank them for the gift and tell them Happy New Year. Speaking of which, Happy New Year to you and yours.


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