Thursday, June 23, 2005

Talk about a bad day...

If work wasn't bad enough, i come home and want to spend time with my dad b/c i didn't have a chance to on sunday and he has a dinner party, i really miss hangin with my dad and its gonna be worse when i move out and wont see he at all...but goin back to work, i dont know how many times i have told someone in my life to get out of my face, and they continue to stand infront of me and try to explain themselves, if i wanted to hear what you had to say, i wouldn't have told you to "get the fuck out of my face", and when i tell you that i dont want to go to yor department to cover you for lunch, dont go crying to a manager until you get your way, august 12th wont get here fast enough, atleast tomorrow is payday, and there is that $100 bonus for inventory, so i got that goin for me...well of to watch the orioles by myself, adios and STAY HOT


At 7:02 PM, Blogger DeAnNa BaNaNa said...

awww jeffie im sorry that you had a bad day!!!! call me tonight and i'll make it all better!!!! much love!


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