Tuesday, June 21, 2005

And in the beginning...

So it begins...Sloppy catches up with everyone else in the world and now has his very own blog...my goal will be to have daily updates (unlike disgone)...you will get updates on everything from work, school, my bowling league, my move that is coming up, fat chicks and how he uses them...you know, the usual in the life of Sloppy...I will also try to stop refering to myself in the third person, and learn when i should use a comma or the infamous "...", until next time, "Stay Hot"


At 11:29 PM, Blogger DeAnNa BaNaNa said...

JEFFREY DAVID JOHNSON! the fat chick thing is very mean! but overall..i like the start of your blog, haha im so glad you got one! now i can post you comments alllll the time! but before you actually post an entry..you should reread it for errors...lol, i still love you tho! you'll forever be my j*dizzle!!!


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