Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why is it so hard...?

I really dont want this site to turn into a space for me to come and bitch about work, but that is what is going to happen today. Some people just dont get it, when there is not going to be any coverage in a department when the two of you go to lunch, stagger your lunches and stop pbeing bitches. It has gotten to the point where I really wouldnt mind getting fired, because then I could be guilt free about the whole thing.
But lets stop talking about work and start talking about my mini vacation that has started. I have the next four days off, and I plan on doing nothing of significance other than having fun and enjoying myself in the "Dirty South". I'm highly looking forward to bringing the camcorder and popping its proverbial cherry. I will post only the videos and pictures that will show how much fun I had as long as they are not to incriminating.
I am anxiously awaiting for UCF to officially change the grade for my Teaching Diverse Populations class so I can RE-register for classes in the spring, so I can let work know my availability. One of these days I will finally graduate college and I will no longer have to work for Lowe's anymore.
Speaking of growing up, a little over a month before my 23rd birthday (yes, 23, I know I'm getting old). I never thought I would make it to 23, but then again I never thought I would make it to 18, or 21. 23 just seems so old compaired to being 21 like I was just no so long ago. I never thought I would be longing for the days of being younger this soon in my life. Well, time to go watch college football, where 90% of the players are younger than I am.

One more thing that is pissing me off is how long it takes for this site to update my page after I make a post or an edit to something. Oh well, I guess things were never ment to go my way. My name is Sloppy after all, what more should I expect.


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