Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Writer's block really sucks, so here we go. I'm looking forward to beccoming a full time employee at Lowe's, but not as excited as having the weekend of this coming weekend so I can catch all of the football games. I'm also excited about my birthday coming up in less then three weeks. We are still ironing out the details to the location of the party, but its coming. I am taking the rest of my vacation that week.
I have 4 days that I must use up by February 3rd, so I will continue the tradtion of never working on my birthday which will reach a streak of 5 years this time around. Speaking of birthdays, my sister's 21st birthday is only 17 days away. You want to talk about a night of shinanigans. We are still trying to figure out what we are doing that night as well, but the general concensus is leaning towards Cowboys. I haven't been there since the Revelation. Maybe this time around there won't be a conversation that will be sobering to a drunken mind.


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