Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Over 13 hours of football

Yes, I sat at home all day and watched over 13 hours of college football. Don't you just love the bowl season. That has to be some sort of recordIt all started at 11 this morning with UF taking on Iowa and Alabama against Texas Tech. I ended at a quarter til 1. The only time I wasnt watching football was when I made a quick run to the grocery store for some lunch. The only bad thing that came out of today was that I only predicted 3 of the 6 correct. If I would have gotten them all right, I would have won a nice shiny prize.

I finally have a picture from the Peach Bowl. I used the camcorder and I dont have the right cord to hook it up to the computer yet, I'm using a picture taking with Smitty's camera. This picture was taken on the third attempt. This one guy sitting in front of us didnt know how to use a camera (don't ask me why, I guess he was just stupid), so we had to wait for him to leave before we asked the guy sitting next to him to take this one. This is the only picture taken with either me or Smitty. The other ones are of the downtown skyline of Atlanta. How ironic that Smitty wears a shirt that discribed to a "T" that night.


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