Friday, January 20, 2006

Busy times ahead

I've come to see that the luck in my life flows like the tides in the ocean. My highs and lows may not be as frequent as oceanic tides, but they do seem to have the same range. Right now it seems that I am on the way up, but I cant tell until i accually get there.

Work is becoming very redundent and mundane. I never thought I would dread work because its boring and not because its work. They are on a hiring freeze until the end of the fiscal year (Feb 3) so all of the managers can make their bonus for keeping payroll numbers under a certain benchmark. Funny thing is that I spoke with one of the assistant store managers and she said that all of the assistant managers and the store manager were writen up by the district manager for the store operating like crap, and they will be writen up again if its not fixed by wednesday. I dont see them getting it fixed by then. Oh well, maybe what the store needs is a shake up at the top to possibly change the direction of the store (and I said I didnt want to turn this page into a place to rant about work)

Two big parties going on this weekend. Not sure if I will attend the second one because it was planned by a girl and she didnt think not to plan the thing the same time as a playoff football game. But I am highly looking forward to the shindig tonight. I will let my presence be seen and felt at this one. And Smitty will be popping his sorority party cherry. I have brought him along to other "frat" parties, but I think he is going to enjoy this one.

And lastly, the countdown reads "10 days" until the big TWO THREE.


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