Sunday, January 15, 2006

Being Poor Sucks

One of these day I'm going be the high roller everyone thinks that I am. But until then it's PB&J and cereal until payday. The games today didn't really live up to the hype that I was giving them. After running some errands this morning (you're welcome, Jenn) and doing my laundry (I don't know if its a good thing to lose a sock but find a black thong size small in its place) Michelle came over with a 12 pack and Shaun, Jenn, Michelle and I watched football all day. And before anyone starts to wonder, I am not attracted to Michelle and I am pretty sure she is not attracted to me. She is just someone I work with who is still getting over a break up with someone who works with us. I am just being a good friend. I have known Michelle for over 2 years and I figured she needed to have a friend for a while.
I love when the weather gets cold like it is getting right now. Wind chill is supposed to drop the temp below freezing. Or as the house of S&S like to call it, "Hittin Weather". Any thing under 55 is concidered "hittin weather." Maybe one of these days we can get some snow, and maybe I could graduate college someday too.
Well maybe tomorrows football games will be alot more entertaining then the two that I had today. Sorry B-Dub that your Skins lost, but if its any consolation I was rooting for them to win. And if you are curious as to the where abouts of the thong, that information is classified.


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