Monday, July 18, 2005

Baltimore Trip

The Crew before Friday's game on Eutaw

Saturday's view

Me and Chris

Boston girls are sluts

Emily cant hang with the big boys

Me and Em

Me with Boog

If you havent realized that you can click on the pictures to get a better view of them, this is your only warning...Wow is golfing at Mission Inn expensive. One hundred bucks for 2 people with a cart, and that is with a discount. I guess I can happy with how I shot seeing how they used that course to host the NCAA championships a few years ago...I know there are variations to this game, and I am addmiting that this is not a completely original idea, but I could not find any rules to the game on the internet. So with out further ado, I submit to you, the Batting game

Batting Game:The game starts with everyone in the group anteing up one dollar into the cup. The cup starts with the seat closest to home plate, and works its way towards the outfield. The person holding the cup with either put money in or takes money out pending on the at bat of the current batter.
Take money out:
Single = $1
Double = $2
Triple = $3
Homer = The whole cup
Batter completes cycle = eveyone matches cup for holder to collect
Put money in:
Ground out = $1
Fly out = $1
Fielder’s Choice = $1
Strikeout swinging = $1
Double play = $5
Strikeout looking = $2
Triple play = Triple the pot
Reach on error
Hit by pitch
When a home run is hit, everyone must ante up another dollar to replenish the pot. When the final out is made, the contestant holding the cup will follow the rules accordingly, and if there is any remaining money it will carry over to the next game. If there is no next game, the money will be used towards the post game beer fund at the local pub. All other rule changes are subject to the rules committee, and must be aproved by a unanimous vote, until next time...STAY HOTT