Friday, February 03, 2006

It's like a party in my mouth...

I have tasted heaven and it comes on a bun...I tried two new burgers this week and both were outstanding...the Black and Bleu Burger from Backyard Burger was outstanding...bacon, cheese, lettuce, all beef patty and just the right amount of bleu cheese all blend together for five minutes of bliss...the second (and this ranking is chronological) is the Cheesy Bacon Angus Steak Burger from Burger King...three types of cheeses melted on bacon and a steak burger patty is borderline orgasmic.

The birthday week was very anticlimatic from all of the hype it received...had quite a bit of fun with my sister on her birthday...on monday chili's closed at 11 so the late crowd relocated to Ale House for a few hours...dinner with the parents produced alot of new food...venison tastes alot like steak and raw tuna has a sweet taste to it...still waiting on one last gift from someone who didn't even tell me "happy birthday".

I did happen to spend some money on myself this past week PS2 game, new pair of Oakley sunglasses (that I havent been able to wear b/c the only time I needed to go anywhere it's been raining or too late at night), and a new golf bag for my fairly new clubs were looking out of place in the dingy hand-me-down bag I have been toting around the past few's hoping that the new look on the course will bring confidence to my otherwise lousy golf game.

One last note just coming in off the news wire: "Jerome Bettis returns to hometown for Super Bowl"


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