Thursday, January 26, 2006

That was redonkulous

If I am going to continue bumping into Stephanie everytime I go somewhere, I think I'm going to shoot someone...if it wasn't bad enough that she sat about 20 feet away from me without knowing I was there, but she eventually came over to our table to take the spare chair at our table...oh well, it just led to a night of jokes on her and on me.

Looking forward my sister's 21st birthday on Saturday...not real sure where we are headed, but the general concensus seems to be somewhere long as she has fun, everything will be alright...I'd also like to send a happy birthday to a former roommate of mine, Jon Bentley...I can't believe it's been two years since room 9 had the weeklong celebration of the two tenents turning 21 within days of each other.

The preliminary outlook on the tax return has a refund around $ one seems to believe me, but when I'm high rollin' in a few weeks, don't come looking for the handouts...I need to put some (read as: all) away so I can take my vacations this year...yes, I said vacations...when your time as an indentured servent reaches five years, Lowe's rewards you with a third week of "freedom."

Your daughter may be worth a million dollars to you, but to me, she's worthless. And don't forget, you can't hug your kids with nucular arms


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